Description: Montecrypto was a 3D game with 24 Enigma rooms. Solve all to unlock the BTC wallet

Source: Montecrypto Website

Prize: 1 BTC

Write-up: link

Description: Stratis Platform CTF like challenge on their blockchain

Source: Stratis Puzzle Page

Prize: 4,020 STRAT

Write-up: link

Description: We won multiple card decks for the Age Of Rust blockchain game and solved Hack & Hash on Pineapple Arcade

Source: Hack & Hash | Age Of Rust (Beta)

Prize: 100,000 RUSTBITS + 3 Decks


Description: Pineapple Arcade launched with a lot of puzzles of high difficulty and high rewards

Source: Pineapple Arcade

Prize: 14 DEGEN trophies

Write-up: link

Description: Loki made a fairly simple puzzle to promote their platform before launch

Source: Loki Twitter Puzzle

Prize: 1,000 LOKI

Write-up: Loki Puzzle Write-up

Description: Paradox of the Cryptomancers unlocked one mind-bending puzzle per day with BTC prizes

Source: Paradox of Cryptomancers

Prize: 0.072 BTC

Write-up: link

Description: We solved the PinkCoin puzzle in the 21Crytos magazine made by @Elypse

Source: 21Cryptos

Prize: 30,000 PINK

Write-up: link

Description: The Ardor / Nxt community launches puzzles pretty much every week with IGNIS prizes

Source: Nxter website

Prize: +1500 IGNIS

Write-up: link

Description: Puzlchain is a platfrom dedicated to puzzles and we solved two of the monthly contests


Prize: A few Stellar

Write-up: link

Description: Alpha token trusted Cr0wn_Ghoul with a puzzle to promote their platform

Source: Alpha twitter Puzzle

Prize: 2,000 Alpha + 5,000 OWD + 80,000 NECK

Write-up: link