The Wonderland Alliance

A secretive social group from Boston, USA


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The reddit user ___tone_ found out a QR code in a train seat.
Other stickers and QR codes were found in that area of Boston, USA.

The QR codes all linked to the website 

Which has a favicon matching that of the stickers around the area as well. The website doesn’t hold much information and quickly redirects you to an email subscription page.

Analyzing further the webpage we get to know the purpose of this site.

The Wonderland Alliance is a networking hub for charitable individuals to meet, share and collaborate on short and long term projects with visionary scope and scalability to achieve positive and substantial social impact.

The Wonderland Alliance is a 501(c) community development center in progress with the mission to provide teens and young adults with free, effective and comprehensive science-based solutions to drug abuse and other life-controlling problems in order to become healthy, happy and productive members of society.

There was one image in the background that is easily tracked down to be of an old amusement park in Revere, Massachusetts.

After a while the first subscriber received an email from them.

Elina lives on Morgana

I know you.  I know what you really are.

I know you betrayed them out of spite. I know now the sorrow you've found in your regret, but when you took one mask off, another one was underneath.

Forgiveness comes through repentance, repentance starts with admission. Even school was right about that one.

This movie is not about you. It's not your story.

You can still do the right thing. Tell the truth about the team.

Do right by her. I know she haunts you.

I've died inside every night for ten years waiting for you to do the right thing, keeping the promise I made to her ghost. I've been pacing in my mental prison ever since.

The Lion's book is open and its sword raised. You have until your movie comes out to show grace, kindness and justice, despite the date.

Be the redeemed noble character of her story, not the hero of your fantasy. Set the example and remember: you can keep your secrets and seal your documents, but not hers.

When you tell the true story of team lovechild, I'll tell ours. I'll turn myself in for everyone to see.

I'll be back in Wonderland for her anniversary. For now, we keep sailing.


Source: | email:

This was sent from someone who calls himself: Doctor M or Mark_51. The content of the email seems to be referencing the internet conspiracy of the death of Lina Morgana and how Lady Gaga is suspected of having killed her. Lina Morgana, who died of apparent suicide at age 19, is at the center of one of the internet’s most pressing conspiracy theories. You can read more on this conspiracy in this site.

Current theory is that the movie being referenced is "A Star is Born" which is being starred by Lady Gaga. It'll be out in theaters on October 5th.
Team Lovechild should be the company of Gaga and Fusari, apparently established to promote her career.  And the Anniversary should be of Elina's death, in October 4th. There will be a premiere in Venice on August 31. Which makes us think that “The Lion's book is open and its sword raised.” is hinting at the Venice Lion.

 Resultado de imagem para lady gaga morgana

On 3 of September a new email has been received by those who subscribe to the newsletter:

Time is running out

“To shrink from a task because of its difficulty is to shrink from life itself.”

 - Doctor M

The stigma that suicide causes is more than some survivors can bear. They would rather actively attempt to cover up the facts of the suicide, or adopt the attitude of “don’t ask, don’t tell”. Historically, we have never experienced the suicide of an Alter in the Wonderland Alliance, and the shock of losing our founder to suicide has reverberated across the metaverse. Due to a cybersecurity incident during our website migration, our private community has been thrust into public view. While we knew Doctor M as an Alter, very few Alters knew his Persona. Those of you that do, please maintain your respect for discretion during this sensitive time.

As most of you know, following the tragedy of 9/11/01, the Wonderland Alliance was formed by Doctor M, with the belief that the pursuit of violence at any time is ethically and morally wrong, that violence is self-defeating, and that only love and forgiveness can break the vicious cycle of spite and revenge. We may never know why Doctor M took his life, but our hearts feel both heavy and empty with his loss.

Surviving together means utilizing the rights and freedoms of our Alter-ship to express our truest selves, beyond the boundaries of our Personas, while remembering the burden of responsibility to adhere to our Word, even while under obligation to the law of the land we find our Personas subjected to around the world.

It is the Board of Executive’s responsibility to follow Cipher procedure following destabilizing events such as security breaches and the loss of Executive Alters.

The following is the public report from the Board of Executives regarding the incidents that have occurred over the last few weeks.


In anticipation of Web 3.0, the Wonderland Alliance voted for and began constructing its first non-LAN Alter networking hub ( to allow Guilds the ability to securely post bounties and recruit new Alters outside their geographic area and privately secured networks.

While the site was under construction, a cover page was created and used by one founding Guilds to test some of the site’s functionality for recruiting new members during the annual summer event.

Following the unexpected passing of Doctor M in August, the site’s security was compromised by an attacker, whose Alter has been positively identified. No personally identifiable information of any other Alter has been compromised. The cover-name of one Alter (who has since renamed) was made available to the public and the theft of 63 Persona emails have also been accounted for, otherwise there is nothing else of significance to report.

The Wonderland Alliance, its Guilds, and their members, have never and will never take part in any digital representation besides the newly secured homepage ( The Wonderland Alliance never has and will never have any officially sanctioned social media accounts or any other marketing, to include vandalism falsely attributed to the Wonderland Alliance. Any Persona claiming to be part of or acting on behalf of the Wonderland Alliance is making an obviously false attribution.

The Board of Executives would like to remind all Alters that any unsecured communication, unapproved announcements to the general public, impersonations of nonbonded Alters (living or deceased), and other violations of the Wonderland Alliance’s Alter Code of Conduct (to include the harboring or concealing of Alters in violation) will be subject to strict Cipher procedures.

The Wonderland Alliance has maintained peace among its Guilds and members for nearly two decades due to Alters doing their part to maintain security, safety, peace, and encouraging others to do the same. The arc of our universe is long, but its bend is towards justice. A task force is being formed in response to the transgressions of a few Alters. While we would like to assure the community that we are facing no immediate threat to the hard won peace the alliance has historically maintained, we will never admit a small group of dedicated Alters cannot change the world, because it is the only thing that ever has.


While we understand emotions may be running high and the situation may feel tense, we ask that you please be patient during this time. We will continue to experience site-wide outages due to the rebuild following the security incident. Login is still active, but site functionality (including Guild Chat and Bounty Boards) has been suspended. Our relaunch is scheduled for the end of September, which is when public member applications will no longer be accepted and new membership will be reverted to the historic process. The Executive Office has authorized special bonuses on bounties for new members once the site is live. We are humbled by the current outage and we thank you for your continued patience.

The Executive Office has tasked one of the founding Guilds to automate the rollout and intake processes for new Alters, as well as the verification process for new Alters lacking a Partner Reference. At the bottom of this email you will find a button to securely respond to this email. The information you provide will be used to verify and update new and existing Alters. If you are reading this and wish to become or remain a part of the community, the form is mandatory and the cutoff is September 30, 2018.

Remember, for the safety and privacy of your fellow members, never disclose any personal identifiable information that can be connected to your Alter, another Alter, or your Persona’s participation in the Wonderland Alliance.

Click the link below for the form and thank you again for your patience and understanding.

Link is to email: with subject Alter Verification


Alter name:

Alter email:

Alter emergency contact:

Guild Hex-code (established Alters only):

Callsign (established Alters only):

Yard (established Alters only):

Partner Ref (established Alters only):

---Security notice---

For the safety and privacy of yourself and your fellow members, never disclose any personal identifiable information that can be connected to your Alter, another Alter, or your participation in the Wonderland Alliance.

If there is a breach, all third parties have strict guidelines to protect personally identifiable information against loss and theft as well as unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use, and modification using security safeguards, including physical, organization and technological measures, commensurate with the sensitivity of your personally identifiable information.  Any Guild that has access to your information is made aware of the importance of keeping it confidential and their records are monitored and regulated for security purposes.

Please be aware that no data security measures can guarantee 100% security. All Alters should take steps to protect against unauthorized access to their password, phone, and computer by, among other things, signing off after using a shared computer, choosing a unique password that nobody can easily guess, and keeping their Alter discrete and isolated their pubic life. The Wonderland Alliance is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or compromised passwords or for any activity via unauthorized password activity.

While you may post content on other platforms you deem secure (e.g. private forums or mobile communication), your comments, pictures, and any other information that you would like to be available to other Alters may be made public. We cannot prevent the content you post or share on outside of our secure site from being used in a manner that may violate the law, or your personal (non-Alter) privacy, or from being shared or disclosed by other Alters. By sending, forwarding, or replying this email you are demonstrating that you understand and agree to these terms.



From this new email we get a ton of new information. Most importantly we are linked a brand new domain

We are introduced to this organization composed of members here mentioned as Alters and Guilds that we don’t have much information about yet. We are informed that the Doctor M was the founder of the Organization and he has recently killed himself. Which was surprising for everyone. From the security breach report we know that this is a middle sized group with at least 63 members. There is then a form which is mandatory to be filled before the cutoff in September 30, 2018.
The mentioned cover page created by one founding Guilds was found: cover page

Again they mention the address 321 Revere Beach Blvd, Revere, MA. Which matches the location an image in the official instagram from the 21st of July:


On the 11/09/2018 ARGStreamer did a livestream from the Boston Public Library to discover new leads on the alliance. Since the website changed the website background to a page from the book Demian from Hermann Hesse.
The main goal was to find out new stickers and request this specific book from the library. While they were at it they found a few QR codes:

All the fixed QR codes link to:

After those initial findings they requested the book, which had a peculiar red sticker on the cover. Inside, in the last page (184) a package with a code was found: Image1; Image2 ; Image3; pdf of the book

The envelope has in red: 557 and blue: 830 Hes 3. (probably irrelevant)

Transcription of the code inside:


On the page 184, after that we have psychogram@ PB 6ktD8GAR

The code only uses letters from the word psychogram.  
Pb hints to pastebin:

Conversion Table:


811 1282 214//
737 49 147//
307 1133 726//
202 131 651 1322 578 492 158//
227 159 105 948 816 39 214//
1042 475 1066 1256 10/4/18 559 46 1220 625
467 1189 131 97///
421 307//
94 284//
622 1033//

Using the pastebin lines to convert:

operation was compromised//
most alters burned//
doc still missing//
code book likely with intercepted guild candidate//
contents can’t be realized or alliance compromised//
seriously going silent until 10/4/18 incase already too late//
get the book back//
find doc//
avoid detection//
last seen/
42352516/ -71065351///

Coordinates for The grand Lodge of the Masons of Massachusetts.
> The QR code has been found there too: img
> Heavy security on the building: `Security and key cards in every entrance except the restaurant.`
> Album from the pictures taken there:

We found this in the back-alley, interpreting the "morse" to binary, each line was one byte:

01101000 01110100 01110100 01110000 00111010 00101111 00101111 01110011 01110000 01101111 01110100 01101001 00101110 01100110 01101001 00101111 00110010 01010001 01110010 01010110 01100111 01000011 01001000

Links to: - Dots & Lines from Lupe Fiasco.