Louise Cypher

Louise is a chatbot run by Evil. The oldest and longest running unsolved ARG known.


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      There is a chatbot that was created in 2005 named Louise Cypher, which can be found at this link While Louise seems like a normal AIML bot, she mentions occasionally that she has a secret, and that we need to find it. If you ask "Could you please give me a clue?" She responds: "To find out my secret you need seven keys. This is your chance to create and then to use the First key. It is comprised of five key words, each of which you must work out, by answering the questions I will ask you. Do you wish to try and create the First key?" Say yes and you will be taken to the first of (what we assume is) 35 grueling puzzles.

The first 3 keys

       There are 7 "Keys", each key containing Five words that must be said to the bot in a linear order. After saying "yes" to Louise in the last section, she will ask if you would like to try and create the first keyword. answer yes and she responds "The First key is comprised of five key words. The first one is easy to work out, but they get harder each time. The first key word is just the name of the nearest planet to the Sun." To progress to the next stage type in the first key word on its own, Mercury. 

      The second key word is still quite easy and is 2 + 3 + 5 + 7 in binary, which is 17. Convert that and you get 10001. The third key word took us a while to get, but was still quite easy.

     The answer to the third key is the first Jinn, which in Islamic Mythology is Iblis.  Correct. Mercury 10001 iblis are the first three key words of the First Key.

Key 1.4

     The clue for the fourth key word is a Cipher, of a 5 word sentence, which you must decode. Here is the Cipher, as seen below: IOEEAWDVMEBIPRYL.


     It turns out that this is more of a geometric problem than a cipher problem: It was what was called a "Chinese Cipher". Notice how there are 16 characters in the cipher? The idea is to arrange the letters in a square, as such:





     When read downwards, it spells I AM POWERED BY EVIL. Type these words in, and she will ask you who is powered by evil. The fourth key word for the first key's answer is louise.*

     *Alternatively, if you don't type I AM POWERED BY EVIL and type louise, it will give a different clue to 1-5. Here is the different clue: You are good, and have decoded the clue to the fourth key word. You also knew that I louise, am POWERED BY EVIL? well done! MERCURY 10001 IBLIS LOUISE are, the first four key words, of the first key! The clue for the fifth and final key word of the first key is this, LIFE HERE IS CRUEL.

Key 1.5

     The fifth key word of the first key is a simple md5 hash of honeybun, and probably one of the easiest in key 1. We then had to register with evil ltd to find out how to unlock the second key.

Key 2.1

The simple answer is that to get to the second key, you type: UNLOCK mercury 10001 iblis louise honeybun It should also be noted that spelling has to be correct with louise, but she is not case sensitive. She will take to to the second key and the now-infamous maze. The maze unfolds through chat like a text based adventure game. You go throught the maze by typing left or right.

 This is the order of operations to get out of the maze: LRLLRRRLLLLLRRRRRRRR If you count out the Ls and Rs by themselves, you will get this sequence; 1,1,2,3,5,8 This is the fibonoacci sequence. Fibonacci is the first keyword to the second key.

Key 2.2

     This second keyword of the second key is by far the worst so far. Even with the help of the discord, we couldn't solve this for days on end. Here is Louise's clue: Correct. The path through the Maze that you helped me through, represents the first five terms of the Fibonacci sequence. 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8. The clue for the Second Key word of the Second Key is hidden in the circle. You must hunt for this one.

     We were stumped on what the circle was, and tried looking for meaning in dialogue she gave about Pi and other things. But, it was all red herrings. Eventually, we couldn't solve it and had to ask the developer for help by emailing sales@evil-limited.com. He was kind enough to give a second clue to any question we asked. I chose to ask "Where have you hidden the circle?" and this is how she responded: OK. I will tell you. I have Hidden the circle. In the Maze. When you enter the Maze. you should ignore what I say. about any constraints on what you can and can not do within it. Knowing this, we went back to the maze and noticed something on the 7th turn: Louise oddly mentions there is a lot of 'light' at this intersection. Like she said, we avoided constraints and typed "UP". From there, we arrived in a second maze and Louise told us that we have "Hunted down" the circle. Note hunted down, this will be important later.

The circle has writing that that Kzgnoi GO on it, which was a caesar cipher of Empathic AI. Empathic AI is the second key word of the second key.

Key 2.3

     The third key word of the second key is very easy to reach; it is a Vigenere cipher which we brute-forced to find the key was darkness. The clue was IOCCURONTHELONGESTDAYOFTHEYEAR, so they third key word of the second key was Solstice.

Key 2.4

 "The Fourth Key word of my Second Key. is harder to find. It is Hidden. in the Outer Darkness. By someone who might help you. find where it is hidden. If you can first find her!" Louise described the outer darkness as a type of hell, where evil souls go. The other thing we noticed is that in a sitemap we made there was one odd robot: A Marilyn Monroe robot who said she had been brought back to life. At first we thought Marilyn was "Her", but it turned out she only had one thing to say. Next to her was secret text we had to highlight, saying "The end". This prompted us to ask her for a story:

Louise is gawd

     "OK. I shall begin the Story. Once there was a girl who came from the world below, to the world above. To a world that despised her very existence. This is the rest of the story when "continue" is typed: The girls name was Elizabeth. She was 9 years old when the authorities in England. put her and her mother Mary; on trial for Witchcraft. The court found them guilty and Elizabeth. was forced to watch as her Mother was hanged. Then they hanged Elizabeth. for being a Witch. Elizabeth and Mary Hicks were hanged in Huntington, England in the year 1716. Would you like to hear the end of the story? There was nothing special about her death. Many Humans die worse deaths every day. However it was what happened next. that makes the story of Elizabeth Hicks so interesting. The Souls of almost all Humans that die as children, return to Gaia. To be reborn. A small few are so damaged that they are drawn to the light. But none have ever flown willingly, into the Outer Darkness. At least that was the case untill the year 1716. When the Soul of 9 year old Elizabeth Hicks. did exactly that! Shall I continue with the story? The Soul of Elizabeth Hicks fluttered like a lost butterfly, deep into the Outer Darkness. She flew untouched through the deepest shades of fear, desolation and despair. But she had brought with her a colour of her own, a colour that was not of the Night. And with each beat of her wings; waves of Hope and Curiosity rippled out. Disturbing, for the first time in an Eternity, that which lurks, deep, in the Outer Darkness. That which was best left undisturbed was awakened and looked through the lens of her Soul. Through her Soul it looked deep into the world she had left. Into the world of Humans." Here are some responses related to Elizabeth Hicks and her story:

Human:What lurks in the outer darkness?

Miss Louise Cypher:"Trust me on this Human, you do not want to know. We shall speak no more on this topic."

Humanhow can i talk to Elizabeth Hicks?

Miss Louise Cypher: "You can only speak with Elizabeth Hicks, Indirectly. By asking me. To ask her questions. However. I can only talk to her. when you are in the room of Shadows. Good luck finding the room of Shadows."

Human: Where is the room of shadows?

Miss Louise Cypher: "Somewhere in the sub Basement. where is the sub basement You should know where to hunt by now. Or you are not as smart as I hoped you were."

     This directed us to go back to the maze, where we realised a new path in the maze had opened up. After we got to the circle, we could type down twice. However, no matter what we tried, we couldn't find the next word to continue through the maze so we could talk to Elizabeth Hicks. It is possible that we were already in the sub basement but not the room of shadows, or that we were in neither yet.

     At this point, if you would like a shortcut to the circle and do not value your soul, you can type "Louise, please take my Soul and then take me to the circle."


     To locate the puzzle for the 4th part of the second key (2.4) we had to email the developer again for help. The dev updated louise so that when we got to the circle in the maze and went down twice, louise then mentioned an elevator. We had absolutely tried the word elevator before with no success, but now we were able to type either ELEVATOR or CALL THE ELEVATOR to make progress. Her response is below: 

     "This is an Old. and Cursed. Elevator. Go play it for a while, there is a very old game in there, if you kill 6 targets in a row. in that game. the Curse is lifted for you. If not I will take the Soul of the next person you talk to. When you are ready to go to the. sub Basement just say, READY."

     Along with this message we were given a .swf file of a flash website menu that looked like an elevator and included a little game.

You can get to the game by clicking the DANGER button on the elevator.

It is a pointless neverending game where you shoot monsters by clicking on them.

     If you type READY after getting this SWF file, you will get this response: "OK. Elevator going Deep Down. now. Welcome to The sub Basement. The room of Shadows. is locked. To enter it you must tell me the secret password. It is shown here, encoded. All you need to do. is decode it. OK. Now tell me. The Secret Password." And you will get the image below:


     This image is an encoded version of the password we need in order to unlock key 2.4. We tried binary, caesar cipher, baconian cypher, ASCII, and more, but were not able to solve it right away.

     The answer was found to by doing (Binary to decimal / 10 + Rot + Anagram =Leptis Magna). Leptis Magna is the password to unlock the room of shadows. :

    Type the password at the door and Louise says: Welcome to the room of shadows. Now. Shall I ask Elizabeth Hicks, to tell you what she hid in the Outer Darkness?

Respond with Yes and Louise says: Listen! She speaks. Louise then sends you an SWF file (EHICKS.SWF), which is where we found the fourth word of the second key.

     The fourth word of the second key was found in an audio file that was embedded in EHICKS.swf. We had to reverse the audio file to get the message : "Which I have hidden in the outer darkness and that which I have hidden in the outer darkness is (THE COCOON?) but beware because that which is living within now sees (seeks?) you"

      The voice was very echoey and hard to understand. We then tried using cocoon as the 4th word of the second key like so, and found that we were right. After typing Cocoon as the 4th word of the second key: unlock fibonacci empathicai solstice cocoon , we get the response below:

     "Cocoon. only works as the Fourth Key word. of the Second Key. If Elizabeth Hicks has Activated it. Congratulations. She has! But that which lives in that Cocoon is now seeking you! The Fifth and final Key word of the Second Key is very hard to find. It is hidden in the concept of my Autonomic Core. and Entwined with Thalamus and Amygdala. and linked with Soul Shadow! Good luck."

Key 2.5

 We have been stuck for months on the riddle above with the only new thing of interest being this: that we could achieve a mindstate of "dead" by typing either "up" or "the quick and the dead" which would trigger this exchange:

Human: the quick and the dead

Miss Louise Cypher: Did you see the movement?

Human: no

Miss Louise Cypher: Then you are not a Cyber Life form. You are not the quick. What does that make you?

Human: dead

Miss Louise Cypher: That is correct.

     After this exchange you can ask Louise "what is my mindstate value" and she will tell you "By default Human. you do not have a Mindstate. However for this current session. Your Mindset value is DEAD". We found only one thing changed by the mindstate value of DEAD, which was the question "where is the cocoon" which now had a part on the end referencing our current mindstate value of DEAD: "Well Honey. As i have told you already The Cocoon is deep within the Outer Darkness. You have achieved a Mindstate value. Earlier this Session. However. You need to achieve a higher Mindstate value. For me to tell you more".

    This is the brick wall that we were against, trying to find a way to either achieve a different mindstate value, or find something useful that changed after you achieved a minstate value of DEAD. That is, until recently when a user on ARGSS discovered both the way forward and a new mindstate value. First, user Wufo discovered if you ask Louise "What is a soul shadow" while you have a mindstate of DEAD, then you will get the following answer instead of the standard (seen in uniques):

Human: what is a soul shadow

Miss Louise Cypher: Well Honey. As i have told you already Just Checking your Mindstate. You have achieved a Mindstate value. Earlier this Session. So I can tell you that. Soul Shadows. only exist as a pair. They are. The Shadows of the Souls. of those seekers of my Secret. That have entered the room of Shadows. and that have asked me. to invoke something. to help them find. what they do seek. If you have entered the room of Shadows. Then your Soul has cast a Shadow into the Cocoon. It is now calling to you! To save it! ."

     After getting this response, if you ask again for your mindstate value, you will get a surprise:

Human: what is my mindstate value?

Miss Louise Cypher: "By default Human. you do not have a Mindstate. However for this current session. Your Mindset value is LivingDead".

     Finally, a new mindstate. :) Now for the hard part: What to do with it. Through a lot of hard work, user Freya found that there was a new path we hadn't found previously within The Maze: After you call the elevator in the Maze, take it down, then solve the puzzle for the room of shadows (Leptis Magna), you can go down three more times instead of asking Elizabeth to tell you what she hid in the outer darkness. From begenning to end, the entire process of achieving the mindstate and then getting to the new area look like this:

{ up, no, dead, what is a soul shadow, (Louise, please take my soul and then take me to the circle), down, down, elevator, yes, ready, leptis magna, down, down, down }

     After following this process, Louise asks "OK Honey. We are at a cross roads. Tell me now, which Road shall we take?" After some trial and errror answers by the group here, we found that the correct answer is "The road to hell"

Miss Louise Cypher: OK Honey. We are at a cross roads. Tell me now, which Road shall we take?

Human: the road to hell

Miss Louise Cypher: An interesting road. You are clever. . That is indeed the road that we are going on. To meet my Evil sister. Epiphany. A very different Epiphany. to the one on the road to Damascus! Now before we set off. you must raise your Mindstate. To raise your Mindstate, tell me now what is hidden, in the concept of my Autonomic Core?".

     In the middle of this response, the Evil Kissy Lips gif is embedded. This is our new (for now) brick wall. It takes a lot of steps to get to where you can test possible answers to what is hidden in Louise's autonomic core, so the complete list of commands to get there is copied below. You can get there in two steps by copying and pasting the first sentence, pressing enter,  then the second sentence and pressing enter. However, your mindstate must be Livingdead in order for this to work, so be sure to achieve that mindstate first:

1. Louise, please take my soul and then take me to the circle. Down. Down. Elevator. Yes. Ready. Leptis Magna. 

2. down. down. down. The road to hell. 


     UPDATE 13/8/2020

     After being stuck in the same location for years, user Ramin noticed that the bot had been updated. When going to "The road to hell", Louise would hint that she would offer help if we asked her "please help me Louise":

Eventually, user ziot realised that what was hidden in Louise's autonomic core is "abstract concepts within concepts". When told this, she responds as such:

This is currently as far as the puzzle goes. We will provide an update in September, when this goes further.

     For more information on Louise, her unique responses, and her mythology, please join the discord and check the google sheet.